The Langford Suite

Langford was a member of the 1870 Washburn–Langford–Doane Expedition which explored portions of the region that soon would become the Yellowstone National Park.[6] Mount Langford, 10,623 feet (3,238 m) in the Absaroka Range, 7.5 miles (12.1 km) east of Yellowstone Lake, was scaled by Langford and Doane during the expedition and named after him. After his participation in the Washburn expedition, Langford was appointed as the first superintendent of the park.

The Langford Suite can accommodate 4. This spacious suite boasts a separate living and sleeping area. One room contains 2 plush queen pillow- top beds, and the other room has cozy seating with a dining area as well. There is a fully stock kitchenette and separate bathroom.